Tuesday, April 13, 2021

G.I.Joe Classified - LADY JAYE!

G.I.Joe Classified Series (6" Line) #25 - Lady Jaye - Hasbro 2021

Lady Jaye was the first real tough girl I admired as a kid. Other characters had their moments of fierceness, but they always reverted to damsel mode far too often. But Lady Jaye seemed tough to the core. She's even tough in that weird episode where she finds out she's related to Destro and spends most of the episode running around his haunted castle in a pink nightgown. I also really enjoyed her relationship with Flint. It was taunting and playful and very unlike the other relationships in the show. When I think about G.I.Joe, one of the most iconic images in my head is of Lady Jaye in battle and how she would attach a weaponized head to her javelin and toss it. I was never very impressed with guns. I'm more a lightsaber and crossbow kinda guy. And this javelin thing was a whole new type of weaponry to obsess over. I also remember her filecard saying she went to Bryn Mawr College, which I lived just a few hours from. Just one more reason I always felt a connection to her. Let's check out Lady Jaye below!

I love how simple and iconic this figure turned out. Both Baroness and Scarlett have costume flourishes that I feel distract from the classic looks of the characters. This Lady Jaye is a perfect slightly modernized take on the cartoon and early toy deisgn.

Lady Jaye comes with a backpack, a gun contraption for her javelin, two javelins, a dagger, three attachable ends for the javelins, and two headpieces displaying her hat and not-hat look.

The alternate headpieces pit on her head like a wig.

The Backpack can hold one of the javelins and has compartments for two of the weaponized javelin heads. I'm not sure what the deal is with the black articulated scope thing on the side of the backpack. Her toys never had anything like this, and I don't remember it from the cartoon. It doesn't line up with her eye. Perhaps it's a communication device of some sort?

While I don't think she ever wore one in the cartoon, her first few action figures inexplicably had a hat.
This alternate headpiece is in reference to that.

Lady Jaye can put one of her javelins into the gun contraption to make her weird javelin gun. This is throwback to the accessory that came with her vintage toy.

I can't figure out the backpack attachment for the life of me. All I know is that if I were in battle and had to toss javelins, I would ditch this janky contraption asap.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three G.I.Joe Classified ladies so far: Baroness, Lady Jaye, and Scarlett (v2).

And here are all my (green) Lady Jayes together. I left out the non-green repaints.

This final pic amuses me because her wig is shifted high on her head. It makes her look surprised.



  1. Really good looking figure. I like the Baroness more I think but this one really looks good. I like the hat option. Odd they'd add that to the figures considering it wasn't in the cartoons.

    1. I'm glad they included the hat. After having this for a couple month now, I think I actually prefer the hat version. But Ideally I'd display both once the inevitable repaints start coming.

  2. Awesome figure! Glad they added her early to the collection.

    1. Yes now I'm just waiting for the variants. I'm assuming camo and night stealth at the very least.

  3. Would be a lot better if the face didn't so strongly resemble SNL's Chris Kattan. Even down the smirk.

    1. I'll be honest I don't love any of the classified faces so far. They all look a little weird to me. But I think the upcoming movie Scarlett looks amazing and hopefully future ones do too.