Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Masters of the WWE - STEPH as EVIL-LYN!

Masters of the WWE - Wave 05 - Stephanie McMahon as Evil-Lyn - Mattel 2021

I'll be honest, I wasn't over the moon about these Masters of the WWE Universe figures until I saw this Steph McMahon figure. The Becky Lynch figure is great and I really enjoy it, but out of the package she doesn't immediately read "MOTU" to me. I think this is because the head had no special adornments. But on the flipside, this Steph figure is almost too reminiscent of MOTU with Evil-Lyn's headdress being such a prominent feature. Luckily she has long flowing hair coming out the back and a great skull mask accessory to distinguish her. The mask is a signature look from Steph's Skull Queen entrance outfit. I think it's genius how reminiscent it looks like Castle Grayskull and adds an extra level of MOTU homage to the figure. I can't see what mashups Mattel will come up with next. I already predict a peacock-themed Charlotte Flair as Sorceress. But maybe we'll see an Alicia Fox as Panthor or Sasha Banks as She-Ra. There is endless potential. Let's check out Steph as Evil-Lyn below!

Steph comes with a repainted version of Evil-Lyn's scepter and her skull-mask. It looks like the same skull mask that came with the 2016 Elite Series Stephanie McMahon figure, but it might be retooled to fit this scale figure.

Like the Masters of the Universe Origins figures, the Masters of the WWE have pop-apart joints that can make for some fun customizing. 

Stephanie comes with an insert with a 1-page mini-comic.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Stephanie alongside the MOTU Origins Evil-Lyn.

And here is Stephanie with the Wave 05 Becky Lynch as Teela.


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