Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Masters of the WWE - BECKY LYNCH as TEELA!

Masters of the WWE Universe - Wave 05 - Becky Lynch as Teela - Mattel 2020

After four waves of all-male figures, I had pretty much given up hope for any female inclusion in the Masters of the WWE line. This line was actually on the shelves over a year before the first MOTU Origins wave hit, so our first look at the articulation and sculpt (and for quite a long time after) was these wrestler mashups. And of course if was almost a full year until we saw Teela and Evil-Lyn revealed and even knew female figures were an option. The best part is that I predicted a Becky Lynch Teela a long time ago. Becky seems to be one of the most merchandised female wresters and her red hair made her a nice match with Teela. I only wish her headsculpt had some kind of MOTU-themed adornment. But otherwise I think she's great. And to get my next prediction down on paper, I fully expect a Charlotte Flair as the Sorceress (specifically in her peacock-themed feather entrance outfit). As soon as I saw the Sorceress figure that comes with Grayskull I wished it to happen. Let's check out Becky Lynch below!

I want to apologize for the quality of these photos. Metallic paints seem throw off the colors on my fancy camera. I tried to color correct for it, but it gives her a weird skintone with super bright highlights.

Becky comes with Teela's shield and snake staff painted in gold. The shield has Becky's nickname, The Man, painted on it. Luckily it's hard to read because I really dislike words on toys.

Becky comes with an insert with a 1-page mini-comic.

Like the Masters of the Universe Origins figures, the Masters of the WWE have pop-apart joints that can make for some fun customizing. 

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Becky with Masters of the Universe Origins Teela.

Here she is with Steph McMahon as Evil Lyn.



  1. I love how they give the WWE figures kneepads to cover up those horrid knee joints.

  2. *GASP* I... I had no idea these Masters Origin figures had pop-apart joints.
    That's wonderful... ...I sincerely wish all toy makers would do this. I stopped buying Transformers when friction pins that were impossible to remove replaced screws. I'm a hardcore, kit-bashing swapper.