Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Wildstorm Gen13 - Caitlyn Fairchild - Wizard / ToyFare Exc - D-Boy Inc 1998

Most of 1990's comics were a blur to me. I never jumped on board the extreme train, and expensive cover gimmicks just made me angry. But one shining beacon among the  flood of new superhero books was Gen13. The comic was young, fun, sexy, entertaining, and beautifully drawn. Other comics at the time (even related titles under the Wildstorm banner) failed to combine all these traits in one book. The main team consisted of two young men (Burnout and Grunge) and three young women (Freefall, Rainmaker, and Fairchild) - an impressive ratio even now. Fairchild was the muscle, brains, and leader of the group. The cool costume designs and extreme popularity of the book would make you think there would have been a lot of toys, but you would be wrong. There were 12" clothed action figures, but they only made 4 characters, and the 6" action figures only saw Caitlyn and Caitlyn variants. I think a full roster of toys is long overdue (but for now I must settle for Heroclix). Let's check out Fairchild below!

Long-time readers might be having deja-vu right now. I reviewed a different variant of this same sculpt about 8 years ago. 
A friend recently found this ToyFare version buried in his collection and gifted her to me. 
It was fun for me to re-visit the toy and photograph her all over again.

Caitlyn has nine points of articulation which makes for some pretty rigid posing: 
Neck swivel, Shoulder swivels, Hip swivels, Knee hinges, and Elbow hinges.

This boxed exclusive version of Fairchild only comes with a gun. 
The carded versions also came with a barbell and a laptop.

Aside from this boxed dark green variant, Fairchild had at least three other (carded) variants released.

I believe the green cardback is the standard release, with bright, comic-accurate colors on the figure.

The purple-carded version seems to be an exclusive for Another Universe. 
The figure itself looks almost identical to the green card, but the colors may be brighter.

And finally the black & white carded version features Fairchild with a metallic repaint.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the exclusive Fairchild with the standard metallic version (black and white packaging above).


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  1. Had the same thoughts on the 90s comic craze but Gen 13 seemed to be everywhere. Just wasn't my thing. Good looking figure. Fun surprise for you. Good review and photos.