Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Mastermind Creations - ERIS: KULTUR!

Ocular Max Infinite Finity - IF-01 Eris: Kultur - Mastermind Creations 2021

This Eris: Kultur figure from Mastermind Creations is a pretty unique purchase for me because it marks the first time I have bought a 3rd Party fembot that was a unique creation and not an homage to a classic Transformers or Go-Bots character. I splurged on her purely out of an aesthetic appreciation for the design. And that says a lot when you consider her high price point, her scarcity, and the abundance of collectibles on my want list right now that have a powerful nostalgia element giving them an unfair advantage. Eris: Kultur was a Planet Steel Express exclusive back in May that sold out almost instantly. I'm assuming this success means we will be seeing similar products in the future. Hopefully continuing their Reformatted trend from 2014 and focusing on female characters. I'm super curious to see what other designs the MMC team might come up with (and I better start budgeting for them now while I'm at it). Let's check out the 3rd Party Mastermind Creations Ocular Max Eris: Kultur figure below!

I bought this figure because I was impressed with her robot form. 
It has a classic look to the face that I was instantly drawn to.

Her wings are hinged and articulated in a way that allows an endless amount of display variations. 
I prefer them in a semi-spread Arcee-type placement.

The tank treads on her shoulders are fully functional jointed treads on wheels that spin. Very impressive.

Eris: Kultur comes with a cannon gun and a removable faceplate.

The faceplate is very reminiscent of the Decepticon faction symbol.

I don't know what to say about her articulation other than that it is completely overwhelming. I can't even begin to count all the moving parts. Most of them make sense and are awesome, but then there are joints that let her shins bend sideways which just seems problematic (although necessary for the vehicle mode).

Even her hands are feats of engineering. I think I count 24 unique points of articulation in each hand.

The transformation instructions gave me heart palpitations. I've never seen anything so intense. 
Here are some solicit pics of her tank mode.

I'm also in love with the panther motif on her helmet. Her design is so impressive that the feline details are easy to overlook, but they are one of my favorite things about the figure overall.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are three MMC styles together. Ocular Max Azalea on the Left and Reformatted Azalea on the Right. Eris: Kultur towers over them all and most of my fembot collection.


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