Thursday, July 22, 2021

Minecraft Dungeons - GRETA!

Minecraft: Dungeons - 3.25" Figures Series 02 - Greta - Mojang/Mattel 2021

About six years ago I was in a toy buying drought and on my millionth fruitless toy hunting trip I randomly ended up buying a small Minecraft figure from Jazwares. I was aware of the Minecraft game buzz among all my young relatives, but truly knew nothing about the property aside from the exaggerated pixel designs. When I got the figure in hand I found the simplicity to be quite charming and fun. It reminded me of wooden block toys I had as a child mixed with the 8-bit game graphics of my adolescence. Plus the sole female toy shared my name. All-in-all I was really pleased with my random toy purchase, but always assumed it would be my last. But then a year and a half later I saw that same character, but now with snap-on armor. I knew I would be hooked after that second purchase. However, the toy lines dried up until the recent Minecraft: Dungeons game was released - and subsequently introduced a ton of new characters. Greta is the newest lady on the shelves - let's check her out below!

These figures have five simple points of articulation: Arms, Legs, and Head. It's hard to tell, but it seems like the joints are all small barbell post systems. They have a certain amount of "wiggle" to them - likely to make space for armor packs and weapons - and definitely aren't the flush swivel joints you might expect at first glance.

Greta comes with an axe, an energy swinging effect, and something that looks like a small medal or potion bottle.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Mattel Minecraft ladies so far. From Left to Right: Adriene, Valorie, Greta, and Alex.


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