Saturday, August 28, 2021


POP! Retro Toys #75 - G.I.Joe The Baroness Vinyl Figure - Funko 2021

I used to buy a ton of Funko Pops. I collected my favorite superheroes, iconic/ironic movie characters, villainesses, random nostalgic properties, etc. But it just became too much. And when I missed out on a few exclusives I called it quits. However, I stuck with a few themes: Jim Henson, Bat-Ladies, Spider-Ladies, and Ladies of the Eighties. I thought these limitations would mean much fewer purchases, but I think Funko was on to me because I've purchased eight already this year and nine others in 2020. This Baroness is a perfect example of the kind of product I can't resist. They somehow captured the character's essence better than the sought-after Classified figure or any of the recent movie product.  Her design is so simple: a black armored bodysuit, red cobra emblem, glasses, raven hair, and a contemptuous expression. I don't know why so many products miss the mark, but Funko nailed it. Curious to see what the eventual Super7 Ultimates figure will bring to the table. Let's check out Baroness below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Baroness with her recent Basic Series and Classified Series figures.


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