Sunday, August 15, 2021


ReAction Figures - Universal Monsters - Bride of Frankenstein - Super7 2019

As much as I love Universal Monsters, there is a pretty drastic lack of female characters. The Bride of Frankenstein has to carry the load for the most part. Dracula's Daughter, the Invisible Woman, and the She-Wolf of London (yes, I've watched it and know she should be excluded) have never been merchandised at all and are mostly unknown except to diehard monster fans. Even the damsels have had more attention than these title characters. But despite her minimal screentime, at least the Bride of Frankenstein has an iconic look. Her inclusion in the ReAction line scratches a very specific itch. In the vintage Remco 3.75" line, she seemed very deliberately excluded. And every subsequent line as well, 1980 Remco, 1986 Imperial, 1992 Placo, etc. I think the first time she was merchandized in toy form (aside from 1960s model kits) was a doll in 1994. But now she's a regular feature in the toy aisles. Enough to warrant this update ReAction figure (last one was in 2014). Let's check out the Bride of Frankenstein below!

Bride of Frankenstein has the standard 5 points of articulation that all ReAction figures have. 
I find it amusing how this translates into characters with skirts or gowns though.

There have been two variants of this sculpt released so far. The Purple Translucent one is the 2019 Summer Convention Exclusive and the Orange GITD one is a 2019 NYCC Exclusive.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the new Super7 ReAction figure with the 2014 Funko ReAction figure.

And here she is with the recent Lily Munster.


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