Tuesday, September 7, 2021

HealeyMade - THE ASSASSIN!

Designer Action Figures: The Assassin (R-Complex) - HealeyMade 2021

Anthropomorphic action figures are pretty much my favorite thing in this toy-collecting hobby. I tend to group them into four main categories: Felinoids are the most popular, Reptilian is second, followed by Insectile and Avian. But in general it's pretty rare to get female figures of any of them. That's why I was super stoked to get this Assassin figure from HealeyMade. I've been paying attention to the designer toy market for years. The genre is 99% male characters, but I keep tuning in to see if the next drop will be of the female persuasion. The few times over the years where the stars aligned, I was an hour or two late and missed the brief on-sale window. But a few weeks ago I was in the right place in the right time and snagged this amazing Assassin in all her green reptilian glory. For a first designer toy purchase I think I got really spoiled. The sculpt, paint, and plastic quality are all top notch. I'm excited to see the obligatory color variants in the future. Let's check out the Assassin (R-Complex) below!

My figure came polybagged within a HealeyMade-branded heavy-ply ziploc.
The Assassin comes with two heads, a gun, and a detachable tail.

The Assassin has six points of articulation: Swivel Arms, Legs, Neck, and Tail.

There is a hole on her right shoulderblade to anchor her gun across her back.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

I love a 1:18 reptile woman with a tail. Here is the Assassin alongside Lizard Woman from 1979's Flash Gordon series by Mattel and Helen from 2010's Ben 10 by Bandai.



  1. Similar flight suit and arms to look like Bossk. lol.

    1. His figures seem to be a mashup of various kenner star wars parts with new heads. I know the Raider figure looks like a Boba Fett buck. Haven't quite figured out this one yet.. it's VERY similar to Bossk, but perhaps an original sculpt.