Tuesday, September 7, 2021

HealeyMade - THE ASSASSIN!

Designer Action Figures: The Assassin (R-Complex) - HealeyMade 2021

Anthropomorphic action figures are pretty much my favorite thing in this toy-collecting hobby. I tend to group them into four main categories: Felinoids are the most popular, Reptilian is second, followed by Insectile and Avian. But in general it's pretty rare to get female figures of any of them. That's why I was super stoked to get this Assassin figure from HealeyMade. I've been paying attention to the designer toy market for years. The genre is 99% male characters, but I keep tuning in to see if the next drop will be of the female persuasion. The few times over the years where the stars aligned, I was an hour or two late and missed the brief on-sale window. But a few weeks ago I was in the right place in the right time and snagged this amazing Assassin in all her green reptilian glory. For a first designer toy purchase I think I got really spoiled. The sculpt, paint, and plastic quality are all top notch. I'm excited to see the obligatory color variants in the future. Let's check out the Assassin (R-Complex) below!

My figure came polybagged within a HealeyMade-branded heavy-ply ziploc.
The Assassin comes with two heads, a gun, and a detachable tail.

The Assassin has six points of articulation: Swivel Arms, Legs, Neck, and Tail.

There is a hole on her right shoulderblade to anchor her gun across her back.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

I love a 1:18 reptile woman with a tail. Here is the Assassin alongside Lizard Woman from 1979's Flash Gordon series by Mattel and Helen from 2010's Ben 10 by Bandai.


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