Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Battle Beyond the Stars - VALKYRIE SAINT-EXMIN!

Battle Beyond the Stars - Valkyrie Saint-Exmin - Shout! Exc - NECA 2021

Yet another thing I love about toy collecting are those rare occasions where a new action figure exposes you to a piece of pop culture history that you knew nothing about. When I first saw this Neca Valkyrie Saint-Exmin figure making rounds on social media this past Spring, I loved her look. She was a perfect pulpy, retro character that I just had to learn more about (plus my single favorite comic issue of my childhood was New Mutants Special Edition #1 which sparked a lifelong obsession with feathered Valkyrie headdresses). Battle Beyond the Stars was an epic sci-fi adventure movie from 1980 that had somehow flown completely under my radar. Luckily it's streaming on Amazon Prime so I wasted no time experiencing the wonder of this film. In nutshell, it deals with a pacifist planet under attack and a scramble to assemble a ragtag group of warriors to defend them. It's quirky, colorful, and entertaining.  And I'm so glad I picked up this figure. The "Mego" styled retro figures typically aren't my thing, but I love her.

Valkyrie Saint-Exmin comes with a small handgun (that fits in her holster snugly).

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I hadn't even heard of this release! I'm going to have the check the movie out as I love sci-fantasy stuff from the 70s and 80s!

    1. It's really fun. I missed the sale on the Shout factory website in June, but was able to get her pretty cheap on eBay. I think her MSRP was $39.99

  2. Love this movie...didn't know they had figures for it ! Wonder if the ever release the ships?