Monday, October 25, 2021

Marvel Legends - CAPTAIN CARTER!

Marvel Legends What If...? (The Watcher Series) - Captain Carter - Hasbro 2021

A staple trope of superhero comics from the very beginning has been Patriotic characters. We all know Captain America and Wonder Woman. But there have been tons: Miss America, Patriot Pat, Miss Victory, Yankee Girl, etc, etc. But despite the prevalence through comics' history, there have been very few toys. For the record, I consider any character emblazoned with a flag motif, regardless of country, as patriotic. I have long wanted a female Marvel Legends figure that could be a stand-in for Captain America. And despite her British allegiances, this Captain Carter fits the bill perfectly. She's an established non-costumed character suddenly in a heroic role. The figure's buck is tall and strong, her hairstyle is delightfully retro, and her costume is instantly iconic. As far as I know she has only appeared on the single debut episode of What If...? on Disney+, but she already has at least five toys that I know of. I think that momentum must mean we haven't seen the last of her. Let's check out Captain Carter below!

This figure has an amazing sculpt. The detailing of the face, hair, and costume just pulls you in.

Captain Carter comes with the arms of the Build-a-Figure Watcher figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is is Captain Carter with the Peggy Carter figure. (I attempted to repaint her weird face years ago just never finished).



  1. Love the design and look favorite from this wave for sure

  2. this whole wave was fantastic looking- full of action figures I never knew I wanted, oddly.

  3. Too bad this figure's so costly. Been looking for a good head to use as "Roxanne" from the final issue(s) of the 70's Ghost Rider, and with different hair, this jawline's pretty close. Might get lucky and find someone selling JUST the head.