Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mythic Legions - XARRIA!

Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay - Lesser Demon Xarria - Four Horsemen 2018

I still have an insane number of unopened Mythic Legions figures from the 2018 Advent of Decay Kickstarter. I realize now that when I buy a ton of figures all at once, I quickly get overwhelmed and end up putting them all in storage. But in the case of these Mythic Legions ladies, I now think it's kind of nice that I review a new one every few months and really give each figure its proper focus. Right from the very beginning this Xarria figure was one of my most anticipated characters from the line. She looks like the Lord of Darkness from Legend and she also reminds me of the cancelled red devil lady from Gothitropolis line (that I'm still pretty sore about). Considering how often we see devil lady imagery on mudflaps, air fresheners, and tattoos, there is a surprising lack of toys with this design. Beyond a handful Purgatoris, I can't think of any. But that doesn't really matter because this Xarria figure is devil-lady perfection. She has the perfect combination of strong, sexy, and sinister. Let's check her out below!

Xarria comes with a gold staff, a spiky staff topper (with a purple orb), a ponytail, a sword, two shoulderpads, a sword scabbard, and three adapter pieces for attaching various add-on accessories to her back.

The great thing about the Mythic Legions like is that they have interchangeable parts and accessories. These red demon wings were released several years after the Advent of Decay line but I knew they would be perfect with Xarria. To be clear, the wings are not included with Xarria but were offered separately as an official Mythic Legions accessory on the StoreHorsemen website.

Time for some Comparison Pics!



  1. If you want a similar figure to this one you might want to take a look at the Star Wars "Darth Talon" action figure. So far Hasbro has only released it in 4", but it is a question of time that they make her in 6". ^___^

    1. Darth Talon has been on my want list for years. I'm hoping there is a 6" Black series version soon so I can stop coveting the 3.75"