Saturday, October 30, 2021

Toony Terrors - THE GRADY TWINS!

Toony Terrors 2-Packs - The Shining: The Grady Twins - Neca Toys 2021

I love Stephen King. I've read over 60 of his books and there has only been a couple I didn't like. The Shining is a classic. The funny thing is that I didn't read the book for a long time because I wasn't a fan of the 1980 Kubrick movie. His writing has a sort of creepy nuance that I didn't get from the movie at all. It seemed like a series punctuated shock scenes connected by the barest thread of a story. When I eventually read the book I was amazed at how good the movie could have been with minimal changes. Even still, I watch the movie every few years since I get more open-minded as I get older. It's still a pale comparison to the book, but I can say that about most adaptations. In the book, the Grady girls (not twins) are only briefly mentioned as victims of their father's murderous rage (a previous caretaker of the Overlook Hotel ten years prior). But in the movie, they have an iconic presence that still resonates today. They are by far my favorite part of the film. Let's check out the Grady twins below!

I have never been tempted by any of the Toony Terrors line. I'm just not into super-deformed or highly stylized toys.
But these Alexa and Alexie Grady figures seem like fairly realistic sculpts to me.

The back of the packaging has a backdrop graphic of an interior hallway of the Overlook Hotel.

I have a couple other Grady Twins products that I didn't open or photograph until I was prepping this post. 
I'm posting them here now. Enjoy.

The Grady Twins
Horror Classics Mystery Minis
Funko 2016

The Grady Twins
Rock Candy - Fall Convention Exclusive
Funko 2018

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Grady Twins together.

And here they are with my only other Toony Terrors figure, Elvira. Other female figures in the line include The Nun, Reagan from The Exorcist, and Bride of Chucky.



  1. Awesome collection of Grady Twins. Didn't realize there was a Rock Candy version. too cool.

    1. Yeah the only ones I skipped were the Funko Pops. They looked too happy for me haha.