Monday, November 29, 2021


Masters of the Universe Origins - Green Goddess Teela - Mattel 2021

Masters of the Universe Origins has really been an exciting line for me. All my favorite vintage figures have already been released in this updated retro style and I am anxiously awaiting news of unexpected figures (perhaps Marlena or Catra!) But in the meantime, the variants of the first four ladies have been very fun. We have seen 200x Evil-Lyn, Temple of Darkness Sorceress, rooted-hair She-Ra, and now Green Goddess Teela. For those unaware, in the original minicomics that came with the vintage toys (before the cartoon aired), the Sorceress character was filled by a green-skinned snake Goddess. When the Teela toy was made, Mattel gave her the snake armor to pull double-duty as two separate characters (albeit with no green skin). Over time, kids just kind of assumed Teela had a snake motif and the Goddess lore faded away. But the MOTUC Goddess figure in 2009 brought those early stories back to the forefront (for me at least). I'm excited to see this variant in Origins. Let's check of Goddess below!

The only thing I don't love about this figure is the oddly-applied dark green shading on her face. It follows her smiles lines and gives her a puckering look. It's not really noticeable when wearing the snake armor.

It seems like Goddess is the first female figure to only be released with the new updated knees. 
All the previous figures had this as a running change.

Goddess comes with her signature snake armor: headdress, shield, and staff.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Goddess with the toy alter-ego, Teela.

And here are my Goddesses together: MOTUC, MOTU Origins, and ReAction.


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  1. Awesome review and background info (as usual). Wow those new knees are so much better looking. Too bad Mattel didn't use that design from the start.