Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Age of Apocalypse - ROGUE!

Marvel Legends - Colossus BaF - Rogue (Age of Apocalypse) - Hasbro 2021

One thing I love about Rogue is that she's almost always recognizable across all her incarnations. Her signature white streak of hair and her penchant for green is a consistent aesthetic and it always looks great. I'm completely unfamiliar with the Age of Apocalypse storyline. It came at a time when I had dropped most superhero comics in favor of manga and indy books. And while I don't necessarily love the details of this specific costume: the chunky boots, billowy sleeves, poofy bangs, and loose bondage-esque collar - the overall look presents like a fun variation of one of the most popular X-Men members. Images of Age of Apocalypse Rogue often show her in a big green cape. It would have been fun to see that added to this figure. I'm still excitedly waiting for a couple other classic Rogue looks (first appearance and that early-90s green and black headbanded outfit), but I think I'll be happy with all iterations in between. And this is by no means the last Rogue we will see in the Legends series.

Rogue comes with the Left Arm and alternate fisted hand for the Build-a-Figure Colossus.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three Age of Apocalypse ladies so far: Shadowcat, Rogue, and Jean Grey.

And here are my modern Marvel Legends Rogues all together: 



  1. Funny enough, it was the chunky boots that turned me around on buying this figure because I was planning on skipping it since I already had two other Rogues (the 2020 Vintage and 2020 Legacy).

    I personally really liked the chunky boots because, to my knowledge, all the other female Marvel Legends tend to have the same dainty boot design so it was nice to see something different.

    Also, this has nothing to do with toys but I was curious, you said you stopped reading superhero comics by the time AoA started to focus on manga and indies. I was wondering how available was manga in the early 90s? Were they sold in comic shops? Did you have to special order them? I ask because I have a story set in the early 90s (1990 to 1992) but I'm having a hard time finding any info about what was available at the time in the States.

    1. Good point. The boots are very unique. It would be cool to see them repurposed for other characters like Pixie.

      I was first exposed to manga in traditional comic book form. A single issue would have two short chapters. Viz Comics, Dark Horse, and Antarctic Press all released tons of manga comics throughout the 90s and they were available in all the shops I went to (all in rural pennsylvania too, hours from the nearest city). There were also three manga magazines: Animerica, Manga Vizion, and Mangazine which would all have short serialized chapters of manga each issue, very similar to Japanese publications. The companies would collect the stories in digest-size tankobon like you see today, but I NEVER saw these in stores and I had to order them via mail catalog (this was before there was real commerce on the internet.. it wasn't much more than a virtual encyclopedia and message boards). I still have boxes of those old comics. Also, sometimes they would release prestige-format comics that were literally just cells from anime. The Dirty Pair comics come to mind, and some later Inu-Yasha OVA adaptations as examples of this.

    2. Yeah, growing up in PA, near Doylestown. You'd find the random "Lum", or "Horobi" or "Grey" or "Mai the Psychic Girl" in comic shops, but the rest you'd have to mail order from thick catalogs (Diamond?). Sometimes I'd go to Books Nippon or Forbidden Planet in NYC and get more. ...Had to get this Rogue figure... expressly for the purpose of sculpting her "Monster Armor" from the old Toybiz line for her. Might even sell casts of the accessories later on eBay lol.

    3. JinzoCrash I was just shopping in Cyborg One in Doylestown on Sunday. I don't live near there, but I was visiting relatives in Bucks County.