Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Marvel Legends Vintage - INVISIBLE WOMAN!

Fantastic Four: Vintage (Toy Biz Homage) - Invisible Woman - Hasbro 2021

Poor Susan Storm. For some reason she can never get a toy that looks quite right. She is a rare example of a maternal super hero, and although a mother can embody an demeanor she wants, when toys look too sexy or too angry it doesn't seem to suit the character. I expect an aura of strong, protective, kind, beautiful, and confident to be exuding from Sue. And believe it or not, that's a real tricky combination. This most recent Invisible Woman toy has been getting a lot of bad critiques for her perplexing face sculpt. I think it looks better in person than in photos, but she has a certain expression that mixes concern, confusion, and exasperation. Perhaps like she is panting in exhaustion after a battle. The overall design seems to be based off the Adam Hughes art from her solo comic title, but the glaring difference is in that art she has wide eyes with heavy lashes. This interpretation has her eyes looking a little on the beady side. But despite me dissecting the public criticism, I genuinely appreciate this figure (as-is).

The more I see the facesculpt, the more I am okay with it. Most recent (non-MCU) Marvel Legends ladies look very similar, almost as if they are related. And while that standard face is beautiful and versatile, I can admit that it gets a little repetitive. This Sue Storm and the recent Tigra have unique sculpts that look unlike any other figures in the line, and I can appreciate that.

Sue comes with the same force field effect that came with the 2020 Invisible Woman
as well as a set of alternate hands.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Here is Sue with two recent similarly-scaled figure: Yellow Ranger and Masterverse Teela.


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  1. She looks like she wants to speak with your manager.