Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Fortnite - LYNX!

Fortnite - Lynx (Solo Mode) - 3.75" Series -  Jazwares Toys 2021

2021 was a very slow year for me as far as Fortnite toys purchases went. Previous years had a steady flow of 3.75 Fortnite ladies, but this Lynx figure is only the second I am reviewing (after Jules last January) in the whole year. Granted I bought a few more in multipacks that I haven't photographed yet, but even so it was a significant slowdown. But for the last figure purchase in a slow year, this Lynx is one of my favorites of the whole line. I typically fawn over the quirky onesie/plushie-type characters like Prickly Patroller or Cuddle Team Leader, but this lynx looks like a sinister futuristic Catwoman and I'm obsessed. I had been seeing this character design in print ads and random game images for a while, so I was excited to see her included in the line. And I was especially happy to see a version of her with some really colorful details added to her limbs. Her standard design appears to be solid black, and there is already a 6" version in that deco, so I'm glad this one is unique. Let's check out Lynx below!

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Very cool. Didn't realize they released Lynx at this scale.

    1. And I just saw pics of a Red Lynx from the 2.5" Micro line. She'll be in ALL scales.