Saturday, January 8, 2022

Stranger Things - ELEVEN!

Stranger Things: The Void Series - Season 3 -  Figure #1 Eleven - Bandai 2020

I just discovered that one of my favorite nephews has recently become a fan of Stranger Things. He's twelve and is often resistant to spooky things so this was a welcome surprise. For the holidays I bought him two Stranger Things graphic novels and gifted him a prized vintage vest from my closet that looks just like Will Byer's iconic outfit. I was thrilled to get him cool stuff for once. But what's most exciting is reliving my enjoyment of those initial seasons through his eyes. The show is a great mix of intrigue, suspense, horror, and comedy. All with a masterful ability to pull you into the environment of Hawkins, Indiana in the early 80s. As I get older, I find the setting of shows and movies to be one of the most important factors in my enjoyment. The setting has to be fully fleshed-out, unique, and adding something to the plot. And Stranger Things does it all perfectly. The 6" toy license appears to have recently shifted from McFarlane Toys to Bandai and this Season 3 Eleven is the first offering. Let's check her out below!

To me, the character likeness to Millie Bobby Brown is just not there. But it's still a beautifully sculpted face. Perhaps it just the coloring and paint job that's throwing it off. And to be fair, none of the Stranger Things figures so far have looked like Millie. She may just be one of those actors who is notoriously difficult to capture in plastic.

This figure is highly articulated. It's a little less than Mafex or S.H.Figuarts, but way more than the standard retail action figure. The price point of around $30 reflects that level of engineering.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Elevens so far. From Left to Right: McFarlane Season 3, McFarlane Season 1, Bandai Season 3, McFarlane Season 2, Funko ReAction, Bandai Target Mini.


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