Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Power Rangers - ZEO YELLOW!

Power Rangers Lightning Collection - Zeo Yellow Ranger - Hasbro 2021

I'm always trying to decipher the themes of the different Power Rangers iterations. This can prove to be a challenging task since there are often subjects that are culturally specific to Japan and sometimes there are even multiple interwoven themes. When I researched the Zeo Rangers for the Bandai figures back in 2018, I learned that each Ranger has a number, and the helmet symbols represent that number (based on an ancient Pangaean culture and symbology). Tanya is Ranger 2, so her visor symbol is two horizontal lines. But now four years later I discovered a secondary theme. Each visor shape also represents the Ranger's secret weapon. In this case, Zeo Yellow has a pair on "power clubs" or nunchucks, and sure enough she has an abstract picture of them on her face. Zeo Pink has a big circle on her visor and her weapon is a shield. Zeo Blue has triangle blades. Zeo Red has a star-shaped sword. And Zeo Green has square guns. I feel so smart for figuring it out. Let's check out Tanya bleow!

Zeo Yellow has an alternate unmasked head, a laser pistol, a power pod sword, a yellow blaster effect, two sets of hands, and her signature Power Clubs.

Time or some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Zeo Yellow with her 2018 Legacy Figure from Bandai.

And with Zeo Pink.

And here are my three Lightning Collection Yellow Rangers together: MMPR, Zeo, and In Space.


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