Thursday, March 24, 2022

Super7 ReAction - BARONESS!

ReAction Action Figures - G.I.Joe Wave 1 - Baroness (Sunbow) - Super7 2021

There is something powerfully nostalgic about the blue-suited Baroness with the green glasses to me. My first exposure to Baroness was in her signature black suit with the red Cobra symbol emblazoned on her chest, but in my heavy rotation of syndicated after-school viewing, I eventually saw this original blue outfit and was really intrigued. When the G.I.Joe cartoons began airing in 1983, they were composed of two 5-episode mini-series (before becoming an ongoing series by 1985). The first of these mini-series (now known as The M.A.S.S. Device episodes 1-5) featured Baroness in this uniform. Interestingly enough, she barely appears on screen wearing it. The first introduction to Baroness has her disguised in military greens. And her second scene has her in red scuba gear. But still, the few scenes of her arguing with Destro and Cobra Commander in this getup made an impression on young me. I love that Super7 chose this as the first Baroness deco for both the ReAction and Ultimates releases.

Baroness comes with a black rifle accessory like her vintage toy.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three G.I.Joe ReAction ladies so far: Scarlett, Baroness, and Lady Jaye.

And here are a few of my Blue Baroness toys.

And with the recent Basic Series figure thrown in because she's kind-of blue.


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