Wednesday, March 23, 2022

DC Multiverse - CARRIE KELLEY!

DC Multiverse - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Robin - McFarlane 2022

It's amazing how much love Carrie Kelley has received in the past 5-6 years. For a character introduced in a 1986 standalone story (originally), she suddenly has a ton of amazing product, 90% of which was released since 2016 (thirty years after her debut!) This newest DC Multiverse version is the best one I've seen by a long shot. The sculpt, paint, articulation, and price point on this one can't be beat. After getting this figure, I instantly created a wishlist in my head for Carrie Kelley's two other alter-egos: Catgirl (The Dark Knight Strikes Again) and Batwoman (The Dark Knight III - The Master Race). And since her popularity is due to increase after the new Gotham Knights CW show airs, this isn't as far-fetched of a wishlist as you might think. It's pretty amazing that two men with such deeply rooted misogynistic views on women (Frank Miller and Todd McFarlane) could create such an enduring character and such a fantastic figural representation of her. Let's check out the Carrie Kelley Robin below!

Carrie comes with a figure stand and a slingshot accessory.

Carrie also comes with the large central body for the Build-a-Horse figure. 
This piece comes split down the middle because it couldn't fit in the packaging otherwise.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Carrie Kelleys together.  From Left to Right: Imaginext, DC Multiverse (McFarlane 2022), DC Multiverse (Mattel 2016), Heroclix (2017), Mafex (2021), DC Direct (2004), DC Collectibles (2017), and Eaglemoss (2016). (I kept the Funko Pop out because it was too dominant).


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