Monday, April 18, 2022

McFarlane Toys - SHE-SPAWN!

Spawn Universe - She-Spawn Deluxe Box Set - McFarlane Toys 2021

I've always strongly resisted buying Spawn toys. I'm naturally drawn to the bright, uncomplicated costumes of my childhood heroes. So spikes, guns, and grimaces were far from appealing to me. But when female characters started to be introduced, they were still tempting because they almost always had a strong Norse vibe that I generally obsessed with (Angela, Tiffany, Domina, Valkerie, etc). The only early character I was definitely not drawn to was She-Spawn. I remember thinking her demon-skull bra was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. Over time, her design changed (and became a lot less 90s). In fact, this new figure is actually her sixth release. She still has leather, spikes, absurd guns, and bandoliers of bullets, but suddenly she seems like a blend of the spandexed superhero I wanted and demonic biker chick she always was. Really curious to see if other Spawn females get a similar redesign. (We know Angela is off the table, but there are others). Let's check out She-Spawn below!

She-Spawn comes with an arsenal. Is it worth an extra 20 bucks? I lean towards no.
I do like how they have the reddish-brown accents that match her costume.

As I mentioned above, this is 6th She-Spawn figure.
Here's a run-down of her figures so far:

Spawn Series 04 - 1996

She-Spawn (Black Variant)
Spawn Series 04 - 1996

Spawn Series 21 - 2002

She-Spawn 2
Spawn Reborn Series 2 - 2004

Manga She-Spawn
Spawn Reborn Series 2 - 2004

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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