Thursday, April 21, 2022

Super Pets - WONDER WOMAN (and PB)!

DC League of Super-Pets - Wonder Woman and PB - Fisher-Price 2022

Fisher-Price 6" action figures have been largely absent since the 1999-2009 era, when this was a standard format in the preschool aisle. My favorites back then were the Planet Heroes and the DC Super Friends Hero World. The Hero World line (a larger pre-Imaginext line) never included any females so this new Wonder Woman feels like a long lost apology figure. The DC League of Super Pets movie will be released at the end of July. According to the trailer, it features Superman's dog Krypto encountering a group of rescue animals who get exposed to a crystal that gives them powers and abilities reminiscent of the Justice League (except for PB who changes size). The pets mostly seem to pay homage to the comic pets (Ace, Ch'p, Merton, etc) albeit with new origins and no initial connection to the heroes.  I noticed that Jessica Cruz Green Lantern is also in the movie. Hopefully gets a figure! Superman and Batman are the only other humans so far. Let's check out Wonder Woman and PB below!

Wonder Woman's costume seems to err on the side of modesty. In the brief glimpse of her in the trailer, it appears that her thighs are intended to be bare or a flesh-toned fabric. The chest plate is intended to be all metal armor, but it looks a little odd in yellow plastic. Also, if the star on her tiara were painted red, it would go a long way toward balancing out her colors.

Wonder Woman has 7 points of articulation: Swivel wrists, shoulders, legs, and head. 
Her solid hair sculpt prohibits much head movement at all.

Wonder Woman comes with her lasso. It is large, translucent, and inflexible.

PB the Wonder Pig!

PJ has a single point of articulation: a swivel neck.

I don't know why, but Wonder Woman being associated with pigs is nothing new to me. 
Just a quick google returned a number of products and references.

Plus the time that Miss Piggy met Lynda Carter on The Muppet Show and the episode 
of Justice League Unlimited where Diana became a pig.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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