Saturday, May 7, 2022


Marvel POP! Covers #03 - Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) - Funko 2022

One of the most visually iconic characters of the 1980s to me was Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel. I admit I don't think I actually read any of her stories back then, but I would see her on comic covers and was always intrigued. In a world of bright colorful costumes that were getting more detailed and complex every year (culminating in the 90's explosion of pouches and warpaint), this character stood out for having a stark black and white costume with a simple but striking design. Her legacy has endured and thankfully her roles in Captain Marvel, WandaVision, and the upcoming Marvels is finally making her a household name. I only hope she gets suited up in some version of her classic costume. This Funko Pop was very unexpected but very very welcome. It was my first Funko Comic Covers purchase and it came with a few surprises (which I will detail below) but I am ecstatic to add her to my collection. And maybe this will prompt a Marvel Legends figure soon. Let's check her out below!

Funko POP! Comic Covers is a new product line. This Captain Marvel is only the 3rd Marvel (After Scarlett Witch (01) and Vision (02)). The box presentation is wonderful. There is a cardboard framework around the large plastic Pop Protector box. Within the cardboard, the heavy plastic box is wrapped in cellophane. The naked box (below) has two holes in the top corners for hanging the display on a wall. The comic backdrop is printed on a single thick piece of paperboard.

I was shocked to learn that this heavy plastic box is permanently sealed. The Pop figure is not intended to be removed. The black disc stand at her feet is glued to the base, and her head is screwed into the back of the box (see the white plastic screw above?).  But I was intent on freeing her. It took a hacksaw, a hammer, and a metal chisel (and about 45 minutes), but I got her out. It's possible that the box could be opened by letting goo-gone or some solvent soak into the tight seam between the clear plastic and black base. There appeared to be an adhesive every few millimeters holding it firmly in place.

See the screw-hole on the back of her head?

Here is a pic of the tough glue residue on her base and the long plastic screw that held her firmly to the box.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Monica figures together. From Left to Right: Heroclix, Bootlego, Centauria, Heroclix again, Funko Pop, Minimate, Marvel Legends, Eaglemoss, and yet another Heroclix.


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