Friday, May 6, 2022

Hallmark Batman '66 - BATGIRL Ornament!

Batman Classic TV Series - Batgirl Limited Edition Ornament - Hallmark 2019

I often find myself speculating why Yvonne Craig Batgirl merchandise is so elusive. We've heard tales that her estate is very restrictive with likeness rights, but it makes me wonder why even when we do get product, it usually only vaguely looks like her. I personally think this Batgirl Hallmark ornament is stunning. The costume details, especially the treatment of the different purple fabric sculpts, is perfection. But the face, although beautiful, is pretty generic. The only Yvonne Batgirl product I've seen that actually looks like her is the Tweeterhead statue, but that's way over my budget. The rest of my collection is just vaguely reminiscent of the actress. It's possible Yvonne just had one of those faces that doesn't translate well when sculpted, but my suspicious side makes me think they might be intentionally/legally generic. If we ever get a McFarlane figure we will see. In the meantime, this Hallmark ornament from 2019 is the best looking Yvonne Batgirl in my collection. Let's check her out below!

Photography note: When photographing ornaments, I use a thick craft wire to control the hanging position. If I feel the wire looks too distracting in any particular shot, I will photoshop it out (and sometimes the metal loop as well). I typically leave the closeup photos untouched so you can reference the hanging hardware there.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here are the three Batman '66 Hallmark ladies together:
  Julie Newmar Catwoman (2016), Yvonne Craig Batgirl (2019), and Earth Kitt Catwoman (2021).


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