Friday, July 15, 2022

Bumblebee Movie - ARCEE!

Transformers Studio Series #85 - Bumblebee Movie Arcee - Hasbro 2022

Very few scenes have thrilled me as much as the brief Cybertron War scene at the beginning of 2018's Transformers: Bumblebee movie. In three short minutes, we saw the potential of what a great live-action Transformers G1 movie could look like. After more than 10 years of Michael Bay's cinematic interpretation of the property, my personal expectations were dismally low. But this scene was perfect. The action was logical, the characters were recognizable, and the overall nostalgia was palpable. Seeing roughly 4-5 seconds of Arcee in the mix was just icing on the cake. I fantasized that perhaps someday we might get a full Cybertron movie which would flesh out the characters and spawn a line of toys. But I knew that was far fetched. What I never expected, however, was a thorough representation of all the characters from that brief 2018 scene in the Studio Series line... especially Arcee. But here we have her, and she's practically perfect. Let's check her out below!

I think this figure is gorgeous. The movie design was a great mix of classic aesthetic with modern cinematic detail. 
And I think this sculpt captures that perfectly.

The only critique I have about this figure is her calves and feet. I feel like there was a mis-measurement in the design process here. When the front and back half of her calves are snapped together, the back of her footing raises up and makes her topple backwards. But if you leave the calf slightly "open" (as she is in all my pics), she is able to stand.

Arcee comes with two blasters.

Although Arcee didn't have a chance to transform in the movie, 
I gather this is an accurate representation of what her Cybertronian vehicle mode would have looked like.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. i was able to pick her up a couple of weeks ago, at a random Target. I also went to Amazon, and found the Arcee Trumpeter Model kit on sale for 25 bucks. It's amazing, and in perfect scale.

    1. I have the trumpeter model on order but haven't had it shipped yet. Looking for ward to it a lot.