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Star Wars: The Black Series 6" - Princess Leia (Ewok Village) - Hasbro 2022

Princess Leia truly did have a bizarre number of costume changes throughout the original Star Wars trilogy. Even as a child, I was always left wondering when she had time to change - and where was her luggage? But no outfit raised more questions for me than this Ewok Village outfit from Return of the Jedi. She wears this the entire time she is in the Ewok Village on Endor and I wanted nothing more than to see little Ewok tailors creating this outfit out of thin air. Even the twine in her hair seemed elaborate and detailed. Obviously the Ewoks are skilled at many things, so hair and clothing are not unthinkable, but if there was ever a need for a fashion montage, it would be Leia being groomed, measured, and cinched by a bunch of fussy Ewoks. I've been fantasizing about this for almost 40 years. This figure marks my ninth Black Series Leia - all in unique outfits, and all very iconic. I can't wait to see what version is next. Cloud City is top of my list, but I'm down for anything at this point. Let's check out Lea below!

I had a thought: with the 40th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi next year, I will wager that the 2023 Haslab project will be a Black Series Ewok Village. They seem to be holding back on the production of Ewoks for this line, and I bet it's because they're saving them up for a huge multi-figure release. This figure, and all the poncho'd figures from the 2020 Endor set will be quite desirable if I am right.

Leia comes with a small blaster gun and an Ewok spear.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Leia with the two Black Series Ewoks so far: Paploo and Teebo. Maybe my perception is wrong, but I always thought the scale of these Ewoks was too large in comparison to the human characters.

And here is Leia with a Vintage Collection Wicket. 
In contrast, I think this figure looks too small (yet also too big for the 3.75" human figures.

Here are all my Black Series Leias together. From Left to Right: Boushh Disguise, General Organa, Hoth, Endor, Yavin 4, Ewok Village, Bespin Escape, 40th Anniversary, and Jabba's Slave.


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