Monday, August 22, 2022

Super7 ReAction - G.I.JOE SOLDIER!

ReAction Action Figures - G.I.Joe Wave 3 (Army Builder) - Soldier - Super7 2022

As a toy collector for most of my adult life, I've very rarely been tempted by army builders. I don't display my toys in action scenes or dioramas, so the idea of getting a bunch of repetitive characters only to be posed in a yearbook-style lineup seems like a waste of money and space. The other factor is, of course, that army builders are rarely female. But Super7's G.I. Joe ReAction line has been doing army builders the right way. They release both male and female figures, both good guys and bad guys, and to top it off they release a variety of variations for each character type. For this first female army builder, the G.I. Joe Soldier (Army Engineer), there are nine variations of skin tone and hairstyle. I picked up three recently and I think they're great. What's also super unique about this figure is that she is wearing the uniform of an unused 1980's concept (which would have been the first black female character in the franchise). Super7 loves a good deep dive like that. Let's check out the soldiers below!

I'm going to start with a full turnaround for the black soldier with her hair in a bun. 
This to me is most reminiscent of the unused and unnamed character that the design is based on.

An additional variation is the included gun. There are two distinct rifle styles, plus a handgun. I'm not sure how they are split up between characters, or if that adds a whole other set of differences for a completest to collect.

Here are the two other soldiers I picked up: Tan skin with a brunette ponytail, and Pink skin with a red ponytail.

There isn't a very obvious distinction between the skin tone of the Tan figures vs the Pink.
It's very subtle.

Here are the two gun variations I got with these figures.

And here is the chart with all nine variations. Three skin colors: Brown, Tan, Pink. And three hairstyles: Short, Bun, and Pony.
You can see that some figures come with a satchel bag and a pistol in lieu of a rifle.

And here is the design proposal that inspired the figure. I had seen this art on YoJoe for years, but this specific image is one I just scanned from the 1994 G.I. Joe 30th Salute card series from Comic Images. 

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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