Sunday, August 21, 2022

Marvel Gallery - FIRESTAR!

Marvel Gallery - Vinyl Diorama Series - FireStar - Diamond Select Toys 2021

Diamond Select Toys has been really impressing me with their Marvel Gallery line. Previous PVC statue lines (mostly from other companies) have typically been too stylized for my tastes. Or sometimes, the sculpts just aren't there for me. But the DST Marvel Gallery (and DC Gallery) statues have the design and sculpt quality of the high-end polystone statues, but at a price point that is far more palatable. I also love the character choices. It seems that all my favorite characters are added to the roster one-by-one. The designs are essentially classic, but there is always a slight redesign. In the case of this Firestar statue, her boots and gloves extend almost all the way up her limbs, which seems like a unique choice for this particular product. But I like it. A few short years ago, I only had one lonely Firestar product in my collection. It was just a simple Toy Biz Medusa repaint, but I was ecstatic. Flash forward a few years and this Marvel Gallery statue is the 13th item on my Firestar shelf. Here's to many more!

Designed by Uriep Caton
Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

And here is my Firestar collection so far. From Left to Right: Eaglemoss, Bootlego, Marvel UniverseBowen Minibust, Marvel Legends Retro, Marvel LegendsToyFare ToyBiz, DST Marvel Gallery, Marvel LegendsMini-MatesDST Minibust, and Heroclix.

I can never decide if I like group pics better with flash or without, so lately I have been giving both.


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