Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Super7 ReAction - SCARLETT!

ReAction Action Figures - Glow Patrol (SDCC Exc) - Scarlett - Super7 2022

In 1987, G.I.Joe: The Movie was released and the classic era of G.I.Joe came to a close. New cartoon production ceased, the comics petered out, and the new toys had no real context anymore. (Batman was all the rage). But then in 1989 there was a new faction in the Cobra toyline that snatched my attention back: Python Patrol. These toys seemed classic, but refreshed and exciting. I didn't even watch the cartoons explaining the redecos until this Summer. (The new cartoons resumed in 1989 produced by DiC). The toys are very nostalgic to me since they mark by last childhood fascination with the property. This Summer, Super7 revealed the SDCC Exclusive Glow Patrol faction in their G.I.Joe ReAction line. While these are fantastic original decos on their own merit, my gut reaction was "OMG it looks like a Python Patrol Scarlett!" Python Patrol was all male Cobra characters, so this thought was nonsensical. But it's still what I think every time I see her. Let's check out Glow Patrol Scarlett below!

The green GITD plastic has a yellowish-gray hue in most lighting. I was hoping it would appear brighter when not glowing. my photos make her appear more colorful that she feels in hand. You should expect a murky translucent look when you buy her.

Scarlett comes with her signature crossbow and quiver of arrows.
Both cast in yellowy-green GITD plastic.

Super7 knows how to do glow-in-the-dark technology right. The bar has been set very low by other toy companies. Most just paint a few details on the figure with gitd paint. Or even worse (Funko), just gently mist the figure in gitd paint and think that's enough. But when I picked up the Metropolis Maria ReAction last year, I was legitimately shocked at how brightly she glowed and how long it lasted before the glow faded. Very impressive. Scarlett has her torso, arms, legs, and accessories cast in a highly reactive green gitd plastic.

And here she is with the other Glow Patrol lady, Baroness.

I liked this wider angle shot with the reflection (on my basement bathroom sink - the only truly dark room in my house).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Scarlett with her standard release from last year.

And again with the other Glow Patrol female, Baroness.


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