Saturday, April 3, 2021

Metropolis ReAction - MARIA (NEW VARIANTS)!

ReAction Figures - Metropolis' Maria (Vac Metal Silver & GITD) - Super7 2021

A colorway is any of a range of combinations of colors in which a style or design is available. You hear this term used a lot in the collectible toy world but I only recently looked up the definition. In general, I'm never too obsessed with collecting color variations of a single mold. My first hobby was PEZ dispensers, and many collectors go crazy trying to get every variant stem color. I just never thought it was a worthwhile endeavor. But at the same time, the idea of a spectrum of identical figures has a certain aesthetic appeal. I have definitely fallen into this trap with certain Transformers and G.I.Joes in the past, but my most recently obsession has been this Super7 ReAction Maria figure. Maria is from the 1929 silent film, Metropolis, which is regarded as the original Sci-Fi film. As such an iconic design, she's very under- merchandised. So when Super7 started releasing different colorways, I just couldn't resist. This post highlights the 4th and 5th releases of Maria in Silver and GITD. Let's check them out below!

This first Glow-in-the Dark figure has amazing packaging as an homage to the 1979 Universal Monsters line from Remco. Super7 ReAction figures have the coolest vintage packaging references.

This second Vac Metal Silver Maria has card art identical to the original 2019 release, but in silver tones. 
Both reference the original 1929 movie poster.

These figures have five simple points of articulation: neck, shoulder, and leg swivels.

The glowing technology is on point. I think a lot of toy companies have gotten really lazy with what they consider "GITD", often resorting to a few dabs or sprays of GITD paint. Or even if it IS true GITD plastic, it's barely reactive and only offers the dimmest glow (I'm looking at you, Funko). But this Super7 Maria glows brilliantly. It makes me want to get a bunch of their GITD Universal Monsters.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Marias together. From  Left to Right: GITD (2021), Vac Metal Gold (SDCC 2019), Burnished (DCON 2019), Vac Metal Silver (2021), and Standard (2019).



  1. The silver and gold vac versions look fantatic.

  2. This new silver one is awesome... though I notice her feet are really close together, unlike the previous ones. It looks so good in package though... ...I sort of don't want to take her out!

    1. I didn't even notice the feet. I checked eBay pics and it seems to be consistent. I did notice that the vac-metal ones are made out of a super lightweight plastic though.