Monday, October 17, 2022

Black Adam 12" - CYCLONE!

Black Adam (Movie) - 12" Action Figure Series - Cyclone - Spin Master 2022

I've said this a thousand times on this blog, but I think modern 12" action figures are amazing. When I hold them in my hand it gives me this childlike sense of wonder that's oddly more palpable than other toys (even figures from arguably more nostalgic properties). A friend once theorized that it's because these are scaled in a way that replicate our once tiny hands playing with our seemingly oversized ThunderCats and He-Man figures at the time. That tactile sense of holding on to a larger figure makes a ton of sense. Lately I've been overwhelmed with new 12" figures: Wakanda Forever, Halo, Power Rangers, and Black Adam all have new figures hitting the shelves right now giving me seven new female figures. Plus my fingers are crossed for sneaky late releases of another Shuri and Isis after the movies are released. Of the Cyclones I've bought to far, this is my favorite.  The colors are bright, the articulation is decent, and the overall playability is just all-around better. Let's check out Cyclone below!

The packaging is odd. Cyclone is a shorter character than most, but the packaging makes their legs look malproportioned (they aren't). I would expect the figure to be raised upward an inch to be more centered in the viewing window.

Cyclone has pretty great articulation for an inexpensive 12" figure: A ball-jointed head; hinge-and-swivel shoulders, elbows, and hips; swivel wrists; hinge knees; and most likely a swivel waist that's almost completely restricted by the clothing sculpt.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Cyclone with the recent Spinmaster Catwoman from 12" The Batman line.
Cyclone measures 10" tall, where the average female in this line measured roughly 11-11.5"

And here are the three main Cyclone figures so far: Spin Master 3.75", McFarlane Multiverse, and Spin Master 12".


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  1. Despite being very short, she is actually very pretty, always nice to see new female figures on this scale.