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LooseCollector - LADY DEATH!

Legacy Series Lady Death (Coffin Comics) - Exec Replicas  LooseCollector 2020

The 1990's was an interesting decade in comics. The popularity of Indie comics skyrocketed, everything got an extreme makeover, and overpriced cover gimmicks drained our wallets. An interesting subgenre of the creator-owned comic movement also emerged: Bad Girl Comics. Sure, there had been examples of Bad Girl Comics for decades (Vampirella is a prime example), but in the 90's it exploded and was given a name. The formula was pretty simple: minimal clothing, dark powers or large weapons (or both!), and dubious morals. There were hundreds of these characters in a blur of big hair and thongs. I wasn't a huge fan I must admit. But I have found it interesting to see which select few have stood the test of time. And I think that Lady Death wins that category hands-down. Most action figures of Bad Girl characters were pretty horrendous with awkward proportions and often frightening paint, but Lady Death always stood out for having terrific toys. First from Moore Collectibles and later from Art Asylum. 

But despite those beauties, there still hadn't been a well-articulated Lady Death figure until this modern release from LooseCollector and Coffin Comics. LooseCollector is a company based in the Philippines that makes high-quality Legends-scale action figures. Most of their character selections seem to align with the Bad Girl aesthetic. I currently own three (Taarna, Darna, and Lady Death) and I have Vampirella and Red Sonja on preorder. I'm excited to see what great things they'll give us in the future. 

I'll start with the geared-up photo above. 
But for the turnarounds below I will alternate her both with her cloak and without

Lady Death comes with a removeable cape, two sets of hands, a sword, and a scythe. 

There have already been (at least) three variants of this figure. 
The GITD and Violet versions are currently available on the Coffin Comics website. 
And the Scarlet version was a Kickstarter incentive for the Lady Death: Necrotic Genesis comic.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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