Friday, October 21, 2022

Gargoyles - DEMONA!

Disney's Gargoyles - Ultimate Action Figures - Demona - NECA 2022

NECA has a knack for taking properties that I always peripherally liked and appreciated and making me absolutely obsessed with them.  Did I ever expect that the adult me would be clamoring for Defenders of the Earth or Gremlins 2: The New Batch toys? Absolutely not. But here I am shelling out extra money to get the figures a week sooner than my preorders would get them to me. I'm similarly surprised by my reaction to their Gargoyles Ultimates line. Thematically Gargoyles seems like a show I would love. It's dark, mythological, and has great character design. But it came out when I was in the throes of high school and it was simply off my radar. When the figures were first announced, however, I started watching the show on Disney+ and I feel like I'm finally having the full experience I should have had back in the 90s; great cartoons and toys on the shelves. Demona is the primary female character in the show and I'm glad she was released so early. She's a magnificent figure. Let's check her out below!

Demona comes with two interchangeable faceplates, three sets of hands, 
the Grimorum Arcanorum, two large guns, plus her tail is removable.

Her wings also come loose in the packaging. They are huge. 
There will be a set of closed wings for Demona (that drape around her like a cloak) included with a future figure (Angela I believe). There was a set of closed wings for Goliath included with Bronx, so this will likely be a pattern going forward.

Demona's faceplate mechanics are interesting. Her hair is connected directly to her neck with a dumbbell joint, and then the faceplates have two pegs that anchor into her hair. I wanted to point this out because sometimes the face isn't solidly attached in the packaging and you might see an ugly gap between her crown and hair (I passed on her in stores a few times before I found a "good" one, only to realize they were all probably fine).

The angry face on my Demona looks a little goofy. In the prototype pictures, you can see a full row of top teeth, but my version is all gums with two lonely fangs. It makes me laugh, which is quite the opposite intention.

Her wings are so large (and amazing) that they just don't fit in my photo tent.
So for the first time I played in my backyard.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here are all my Demona figures together. 
From Left to Right: Applause 8" Vinyl 1995, Funko Pop, NECA Ultimates, Applause 3" PVC 1995, and Kenner 1995.


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