Monday, November 21, 2022

Flash Gordon - PRINCESS AURA!

Flash Gordon (Movie) -  Princess Aura - Entertainment Earth/BifBangPow 2015

The 1980 Flash Gordon movie is one of those super classic movies that I've been hearing about all my life, but somehow I have never seen it. I knew the character well though. I would watch the animated New Adventures of Flash Gordon and Defenders of the Earth in my youth, plus he was a prominent feature in the Sunday comics for years (with impressive full color!) And based on how many different versions of the character I've recently bought from Neca and Boss Fight Studios so far, it's safe to say those early cartoons and comics made a lifelong impression. I was always really drawn to the animated design of Princess Aura from the Filmation cartoon and recently searched to see if she ever had a toy or PVC. I was surprised to see this movie version from Big Bang Pow in 2015. I was surprised on two fronts: One, I didn't know this toy existed. And, Two, I had seen images of this character but never realized it was Princess Aura. I learn something new every day. Let's check her out below!

To me, Aura's key trait (from the Filmation cartoon) was her voluminous red hair. She looked like a long-haired Teela and I was obsessed with her. So this brunette with a tight bun registered to my young brain as an entirely different character.

I always wanted a toy of Aura from the Filmation animated series.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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