Sunday, November 20, 2022

Transformers - FLAMEWAR!

Transformers: Shattered Glass - Flamewar & Fireglide - Hasbro (Pulse) 2022

Flamewar was originally created for the 2005 Botcon-exclusive collector set as a Decepticon recolor of Cybertron Arcee. The included comic introduced her as a headstrong Decepticon fiercely loyal to Megatron. Since those early beginnings, she has made the surprising leap into the main Transformers (in-store) toylines and comics. I was always drawn to her great color scheme. Her red and orange flames against black and silver really pops, and her purple/blue translucent accessories just add to the look. Plus I always love a villain and she was the second female Deception I knew of after Blackarachnia. This newest Pulse-exclusive figure follows the trend of using a recent Arcee mold. But curiously she is now included in the Shattered Glass Universe, which is like the Star Trek Mirror Mirror Universe. So I half expected her to have an Autobot faction symbol. But now that I have her in hand, I think she's intended to be an evil alternate-reality Arcee. Either way she looks great.  Let's check out Flamewar below!

Here is Flamewar's vehicle mode.

After I took the majority of these photos,
I noticed that the instructions suggest the front wheel piece be split and displayed at the shoulders.

Flamewar comes with the same two accessories that the Legacy Arcee came with: First, a blue transparent disc that can be held like a frisbee-like weapon or split in two and worn on any of the various ports on her body. Second, the front wheel of her motorcycle mode is detachable and can hinge apart and become some sort of dual-rotor weapon. She also comes with the Battle Master, Fireglide (a red and black pterodactyl that can transform into an axe (plus an orange power effect that can attach to the edge of the axe blade).

This first image is the cover of the exclusive comic that comes with this figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three fembots who share the same body: Road Rocket, Flamewar, and Arcee.

And here are my three Flamewar figures:  The 2014 Botcon figure, the 2022 Shattered Glass figure, and the 2012 Legion Class figure. (I'm still sore that I never got the 2005 Botcon figure)..


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  1. I love the new flamewar figure. I didn't really like her Arcee moldmate because she seemed too boxy. All the flame paint and the dark color scheme lessens the boxy look IMHO. She makes an excellent evil shattered glass counterpart. I think Daybreaker's description was right ... "The better, prettier and more powerful version of you!"