Monday, December 12, 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog - AMY ROSE!

Sonic the Hedgehog - Buildable Figure Figurines - Amy Rose - Just Toys 2022

Considering we just got a 4" modern Amy Rose and a 2.5" classic Amy Rose in the last year, I honestly didn't expect to see any interesting product until she eventually makes her big screen debut. But then this surprise buildable figurine series showed up at Target and I was super excited. The company is Just Toys (who previously had a logo that read as "JusToys" - I did some thorough research and determined they were the same company) and they can be found in video game toys section of Target - not the Neca/Funko wall, or even the CCG section, but rather the small area within the video games that has plush Nintendo products and odd video-game-themed homewares. Yet another area of that store to keep on my radar. The first wave of this series has five characters with interchangeable parts (I assume parts can be swapped between characters, but I only purchases Amy so I'm unsure). They are unarticulated but well made a great addition to my Sonic shelf. Let's check out Amy below!

So I'm breaking my normal patterns are starting with an "accessories" shot here. This is because this figure is not an action figure, but rather a customizable figurine. When assembled, none of her parts are intentionally movable. The arms attach with keystone-shaped wedges (not dumbbell joints that would allow rotation). And while the neck is a smooth round peg, her hair sculpt prohibits rotation once it's positioned.

This first configuration is my favorite.

And here are the other two arms.
The hammer is heavy and makes her want to topple sideways.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Amy with the recent 4" Jakks Pacific figure (on the Left).

And here is an assortment of Amy figures.
From Left to Right: Sonic Boom Tomy, Jakks Pacific 4" Series, Just Toys Figurines, Sonic Adventure ReSaurus, and Jazwares Amy.


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