Sunday, December 11, 2022

Power Rangers - NINJA PINK RANGER!

Power Rangers Lightning Collection - Mighty Morphin Ninja Pink - Hasbro 2022

The Ninja Rangers are an iteration of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that I was honestly unaware of until these Lightning Collection figures were announced. I only peripherally watched the original MMPR (my friend's little brother would always be watching it when we were waiting to play Super Nintendo.. which accumulated in a surprising amount of MMPR imagery in my brain). The Ninja Rangers were a power-up in Season 3 that was technically less-powerful than their standard forms, but useful in hand-to-hand combat. I think it's pretty cool that this iteration finally visually embraced the martial arts that were a focal point of whole franchise. In 1995 there was a 5.5" action figure series as well as a 3" PVC line featuring these costumes. The modern Lightning Collection figures are exclusive to Target and include both a Kimberly and Katharine version of Ninja Pink. I only picked up Kimberly since she was released first and I don't typically display unmasked heads. Let's check out Ninja Pink below!

Ninja Ranger Pink comes with three alternate heads, two neck wraps, two sets of hands, and a translucent white energy effect. In theory, the neck pieces are interchangeable. However, they are sculpted in a way that the are clearly intended for a specific one of the two shrouded heads. They can be swapped, but there will be noticeable gaps at the jawline.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are a few of my recent Lighting Collection figures together.
From Left to Right: Dino Charge Pink, S.P.D. A-Squad Red and Pink, Ninja Ranger Pink.


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