Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Princess of Power Masterverse - FROSTA!

MOTU Princess of Power - Masterverse Wave 7 - Frosta - Mattel 2023

The Masterverse line from Mattel continues to surprise me. One of the earliest obscure character leaks last year was Frosta. This figure was shown on secret product lists and was even accompanied by a super low-res photo. This was before Catra was mentioned and before She-Ra was anything more than a teaser about the "possibilities" of the Masterverse line. So seeing Frosta so early was both confusing and exciting. "Confusing" because she didn't seem like an obvious choice for the first Princess of Power release. But "exciting" for exactly the same reason... this line wouldn't be shying away from 2nd-tier characters. Of course, by the time she rolled out to stores, she would be the third POP character which makes a lot more sense. Frosta really sootf out in the original she-Ra cartoon for her stark blue coloring and her memorable elemental powers. She was also known for aggressively hitting on He-Man, to much comic effect. It's hard to rank my favorite POP characters, but she's definitely up there for me.

I'm beginning to have some criticisms with the Masterverse line. I'm legitimately ecstatic to be finding these figures in stores, and they are generally well-made toys. But they are by no means perfect. Here are a few areas I wish would be improved: 
(1) The faces and hair never look quite right - the hair is flat, the heads are small, and the expressions are always mannequin-like. 
(2) The elbows prohibit the arm from ever being straight.
(3) The ribcage cut is always very loose, causing the upper torso and arms to flop around.
(4) The skirts are always too high (you can usually see the hip and crotch joints from most angles).
(5) the lower legs always have an awkward bulbous lump, like a calf that encircles the entire shin. (Most of the time I convince myself that the legs are assembled completely wrong). 
(6) The neck ring that holds the cape is not molded to the anatomy of the neck. It looks like a stiff painful shackle and always pulls down in the back and presses up to the chin in the front. 
And finally (7) The capes are made of a super-cheap cloth that always curls up and wrinkles easily.

Frosta comes with two sets of hands, an ice-blast effect, and her snowflake staff.

I made a quick comparison of her color-changing hair. I'm pretty sure the color-changing properties are in the blue paint wash, not the tinted translucent plastic. The dark pictures were taken after I had her in my freezer for an our. The light picture are after being warmed up with my photo lights.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Frosta with her 2012 Masters of the Universe Classics figure.

And here she is with with Masterverse She-Ra and Masterverse Catra.


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  1. There are things I like about these but they seem to pale in comparison to their Classics versions for me