Friday, October 26, 2012

The Ice Empress of Etheria, FROSTA!

She-Ra's Beautiful and Exotic Friend Makes Her MOTUC Debut from Mattel 2012

Masters of the Universe Classics is just about my favorite toy line of all time.  The figures are consistently great, The bucks are well proportions and articulated, the detail and execution of the figures are loyal to all manner of fans, and the character selection just makes me giddy.  I've mentioned many time before that I don't collect toys with rooted hair or fabric clothing.  I stand by my convictions in this regard, but there are many unfortunate casualties for my stodginess.  The most glaring example of this is the entire vintage POP line.  I never thought I would have a Frosta in my collection.  I've seriously considered taking vintage figure and sculpting my own hair and clothes (but then I discovered ToyBoys Inc and decided they do it better than I ever could).  So far I am thrilled will MOTUC and I can't wait to see what the next few years will bring.  Glimmer is someone I'm especially looking forward to seeing.  But for now I will anxiously await Netossa and Octavia in 2013.

Is anyone else shocked and apalled that her name is Mackenzie?  The only Mackenzie I knew of in the 80's was Spuds.

There is kind of a big deal being made about her forearms "being reversed" or something.  I honesty don't see a problem.  I'm more upset about her hair being too dark (which I don't mind so much now that I have her in-hand)

Frosta come with a Shield and her Spinning Snowflake Staff (at least that's what I call it)

Okay, so I customized again.  I can't help it, I had my brushes out for Poison Ivy and Frosta was just begging for a mile retouching.  All I did was fix some of the sloppy linework around her lips and make her pupils a little larger.

Time for a Group Shot!


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