Sunday, January 22, 2023

Transformers EarthSpark - TWITCH!

Transformers: EarthSpark - Deluxe Class Figures - Twitch - Hasbro 2023

I've been watching Transformers: EarthSpark on Paramount+ for a few weeks now and it's pretty impressive for a number of reasons. The premise of the Terrans, essentially "raw" Transformers that are neither Autobot nor Decepticon, is a great concept. I'm not too far into the series and I still wonder which of the new characters will be good or bad. Another amazing thing about the show is the number of female Transformers. The modern Transformers TV shows typically have a token female Autobot and/or Decepticon, but Earthspark features seven in the first season: Elita-1, Arcee, Skywarp, Nova Storm, Frenzy, Hashtag, and of course Twitch (there's also the first official non-binary Transformer, Nightshade, who will have a Deluxe toy in the next wave). Twitch and her brother Thrash are the focal point of the series along with their human friends Mo and Robby.  Twitch in particular stands out for what I see as a (wonderful) retro design reminiscent of Orbots or GoBots. Let's check her out below!

Twitch has amazing light-piping features.
Her eyes are so large and the translucent lightwell on the back of her head allows an impressive amount of light in.

Below is another series of photos, all backlit with my cell phone.

Twitch comes with the head and backpack assembly Build-a-Figure pieces for the human villain of the series: Dr. Meridian aka Mandroid.

Twitch also comes with piece that fits over her forearm and acts as a cannon.

Twitch turns into a drone.

In most photos I have her spinning rotors pointing their fins downward, but they can easily be rotated to point upwards.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here is Twitch alongside the other two female figures from EarthSpark so far: Warrior Class Skywarp and Warrior Class Elita-1.


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