Monday, January 23, 2023

Transformers EarthSpark - ELITA-1!

Transformers: EarthSpark - Warrior Class Figures - Elita One - Hasbro 2023

I love that Elita-1 is an established character in the Transformers: EarthSpark cartoon on Paramount+. Her role in 2020 War For Cybertron series on Netflix propelled her to the forefront of Transformers lore. I had been a fan since her first appearance in 1985, but then she spent 35 years in relative obscurity. Arcee was simply a more popular character with a color scheme that was too similar (and God forbid there be two pink fembots). But Elita had a certain provenance and natural leadership in her character that couldn't be hidden forever. She's had modern appearances in cartoons and comics and in the past five years she has had four unique action figures made (unlike previous toys that were "Elita in name only"). Her role in Earthspark isn't super prominent. I believe she only appears in two episodes, but even in those brief scenes she was true to the Elita I became obsessed with as a kid. I'm glad the licensors saw fit to make a toy of her, even if it is a simple Warrior Class. Let's check her out below!

Elita's articulation is pretty good. The Warrior Class figures are always a bit more limited than the Deluxe figure, but the poseability on Elita is still decent. The one restriction I was surprised about was that she has no neck joint so can only look straight forward.

Elita has no separate loose accessories, but she does have a unique rotating gun and hand feature on her Right arm. 
When the gun isn't extended, it is lined up against the back of her arm.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Elita-1 with the other Warrior Class lady in the EarthSpark line, Skywarp.

And with the Twitch figure from the EarthSpark Deluxe Class line.

And here she is with the two most recent Elita-1 figures: War for Cybertron and Legacy.

And here is my current Elita One collection. From Left to Right: Iron Factory Alleria, Power of the Primes, Mastermind Creations Eupatorium, EarthSpark, Legacy, Newage Commander Christine, and War for Cybertron. I didn't include my DST Bust or the Thunderblast repaint.


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