Monday, February 27, 2023


Power Rangers Lightning Collection - Mighty Morphin Ninja Yellow - Hasbro 2022

Aisha Campbell was the second Yellow Ranger in the American Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise. halfway through season two, three of the original Rangers left the show (rumor has it they unsuccessfully demanded more money). In the show, the three characters left for a peace conference in Switzerland, and three replacements were introduced. The original Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan, was in 88 episodes, but Aisha Campbell (played by Karan Ashley) appeared in a not-too-shabby 65. She started as the typical sabertooth-themed Yellow Ranger, but her story arc eventually had her become a Ninja Ranger (along with all the others) in Season 3 and in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie. Technically in the movie they were Ninjetti, which had slightly different costumes, but luckily these Lightning Collection figures contain all the costume variations in a single purchase. I truly appreciate the variety and economy of that decision. Let's check out Aisha Campbell and Ninja Ranger Yellow below!

These Ninja figures are amazing because they have three unique heads. 

Aside from the different heads, Aisha comes with two alternate hands and swooshing motion effect.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here is Ninja Ranger Yellow with Ninja Ranger Pink.

And here is Aisha Campbell with her MMPR Yellow figure from the Scorpina 2-Pack.


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