Monday, March 13, 2023

Halo - KELLY-087!

Halo Infinite: The Spartan Collection Series 5 - Kelly-087 - Jazwares 2022

Kelly-087 was one of the first female Halo characters I was ever made aware of. I had seen imagery of Cortana and I had seen some Spartan toys in stereotypically feminine colors. But Kelly-087 was the first female character with a real name and backstory. Back then, she always wore darker gray armor and really blended in with the grimy aesthetic of Halo. But at some point her armor changed to this brighter white look. White armor seems pretty illogical in a battleground scenario, but I love the simplicity of her design and how she stands out from the other Spartans (and the others on my toy shelf specifically). Plus the chromed helmet was a nice surprise that really pops (even the graphic on the packaging looks like simple metallic paint). Granted, that improvement make the previous KAT-B20 and Spartan Palmer look a little lackluster (literally).  But an interesting tradeoff is that she doesn't included the unhelmeted head that previous figures always had, but I don't mind. Let's check out Kelly-087 below!

Kelly-087 comes with 3.5 pairs of hands, a rifle, and a handgun.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the Jazwares Spartan Collection females from waves 1-5:  Spartan Palmer, Kelly-087, and KAT-B320. Linda-058 is already released (I haven't photographed her yet) and Alice-130 coming next.

Here are my Kelly-087 figures. From Left to Right: MattelJazwares 6"Jazwares 12", and McFarlane.


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