Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Super7 ReAction - COVER GIRL!

ReAction Action Figures - G.I.Joe Wave 4 - Cover Girl - Super7 2022

The first five episodes of G.I.Joe in 1983 were a mini-series (now) known as The M.A.S.S. Device. Beyond being our introduction to the world of G.I.Joe and Cobra, and beyond being one of the fan-favorite storylines of the entire series, the first five episodes were notable for having a few unique character designs. The images of Baroness in a blue outfit with a yellow and green glasses are isolated to this mini-series. The same goes for the blue Snake-Eyes with the purple visor. But to me the most dramatic change is Cover Girl in long blonde hair and green fatigues. This design has almost no connection to the later look of short reddish-brown hair and a brown bomber jacket. If both versions didn't happen to be the drivers of the Wolverine tank I might not have realized they were the same. But I really like both variations. And surprisingly this ReAction figure is the first time we are seeing the original design in plastic. And she's perfect. Of course I also need the other version now too. Let's check out Cover Girl below!

For the majority of the G.I.Joe series, Cover Girl appeared like this; with short reddish-brown hair and a brown bomber jacket.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Lady Jaye and Scarlett.

From Left to Right: G.I.Joe Soldier, Baroness v1, Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, Scarlett, Baroness v2, and Cobra Trooper.

And here she is with a variety of other Cover Girl figures.


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