Sunday, March 5, 2023

Nintendo - BIRDO!

World of Nintendo 2.5" Figures Wave 39 - Birdo - Jakks Pacific 2022

Super Mario Bros II was quite possibly my favorite game of my childhood. It stood out with the softer organic graphics, calliope-type music (mixed with the classic Mario tunes), the varied abilities in the playable characters, and especially the fact that the enemies don't instantly kill you - rather you can jump on them, heave them up, and toss them. My most tangible memories of this are fighting the Birdo bosses. Birdo was presented as a species, rather than the individual character we think of now (similar to Yoshi). The Red Birdos and Pink Birdos spat eggs through their cannon-like mouths, which you had to jump on mid-air to throw back at the boss. I can still hear that hollow "thwoop" noise as the eggs launch. I know there is a lot of discussion of Birdo's gender, but I've always viewed the pronoun inconsistencies as a figment of the Doki-Doki conversion that Nintendo wouldn't correct and instead dug in deep with an elaborate story about "he thinks he is a girl" and would "rather be called Birdetta."

This Birdo figure exemplifies the deep cut character selection that Jakks has been giving. I thought the recent Wendy O Koopa would be the most obscure figure I would get, but I think Birdo now tops that. Hopefully they give us a Pauline eventually.
Fun story, the cashier at Macy's thought this character was Scrappy-Doo. I can kind of see it.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my 2.5" Mario Bros ladies so far (excluding the 8-Bit Princess Toadstool). From Left to Right: Wendy O Koopa, Rosalina, Birdo, Princess Peach, Toadette, and Princess Daisy.

And with the recent 2.5" Rouge the Bat from the Jakks Sonic lines.



  1. I'd like this in the 4" scale instead, but I might get this just to plop the head on some super-sexy, anatomically correct, 6" human figure painted pink. I'm weird like that. X D

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  3. well now Just need comes the Super Size Collection of Birdo