Saturday, April 29, 2023

Injustice 2 - SUPERGIRL (and Customization)!

DC Direct 7" Page Punchers - Injustice 2 Supergirl (Comic) - McFarlane 2023

This figure made me laugh a little when I found her in Walmart last week (in the Entertainment section with the Funko stuff FYI). I laughed because I thought this figure is very decent with a lot of potential. But the hairstyle was so distracting to me that it ruined the whole figure. It was a... wait for it... Injustice. It literally says "Injustice Supergirl" all over the packaging - and I couldn't agree more. I have seen images from the Injustice 2 game and I know the actual character design has odd hair. Plus the Hiya Toys Supergirl figure from the same game a few years ago had a similarly off-putting design. But this didn't stop me from picking her up with a the idea that I could pretty easily modify her hair to my liking. I haven't attempted anything like this in a while and seemed like a simple single-piece mod. And honestly it was. I ended up liking her quite a bit, but my fingers are still crossed for a classic Kara someday (right after the classic Wonder Woman we've be clamoring for). Let's check out Supergirl below!

Supergirl comes with a figure stand, two alternate fisted hands, a collector card, and a comic (not pictured).

So I think the hair sculpt on this figure is a fair attempt to replicate the design of the video game.
I don't think this is a great hairstyle to start with, so the attempt was problematic from the start.

However, in the very comic included with the figure, she sports a much more natural and fun hairstyle. 
Plus, according to the box, this is literally a toy of the Injustice 2 comic version, not the game.

So with the comic as a guide, I had fun doing a quick modification.

First, I heated up her hair with hot water from the faucet until it was super flexible. Then I held it in a more dynamic windswept position and wedged a few blobs of Super Sculpey to hold it in place overnight as the hair cooled.

Then the next day I took an Xacto blade and chopped away some of the chunks of hair hanging against her right cheek. Surprise, the hair is painted blue rubber! This Xacto cutting was the hardest part.

Next I repainted the hair. I used a toffee/caramel brown as an undercoat, then I lightened that color with a bright "lemon chiffon" color to add a highlight wash. I just use cheap Apple Barrel craft paint.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Injustice Supergirl with the recent Flash Movie Supergirl.


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  1. The customization came out really great! the windswept look works very well.