Monday, May 1, 2023

Titans Rebirth - DONNA TROY!

DC Multiverse - Titans (Beast Boy Series) - Donna Troy - McFarlane Toys 2023

Donna Troy is a very interesting character with a dynamic history. I say dynamic in the truest sense of the word as her origins are seemingly rewritten every few years. This figure exposed me to the newest incarnation from the recent Titans: Rebirth comics. The collector's card included in the packaging has a bio I never heard before. Now Donna is not even human, but rather a golem made of clay and magic as a control or safety net in case Wonder Woman would go rogue. I really like this origin, and it makes her pissed-off countenance have more resonance - like she's acknowledged that she is just a tool/weapon for the Amazons and is trying to carve out her own place in the world.. perhaps in futility. I'm totally speculating as I haven't read any recent Titans books, but I'm sticking with it. But, wow, I really like this figure. I typically ignore black-suited Donna in favor of the classic red, but this gave me a whole new appreciation for her and she'll be getting her own shelf space soon. Let's check out Donna below!

Donna comes with a collector card, her sword, and a figure stand.

The bio on the back of her card was eye-opening to me. I had never heard her new origin.

Donna also comes with the arms for the Collect-to-Build Beast Boy figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Donna Troy with her wave-mate Raven.

And here is the entire Titans wave with the Beast Boy figure assembled.

And swapping in the normal-sized Walmart-exclusive Beast Boy.

And here are all my black-suited Donna figures together. From Left to Right: Imaginext 2018, McFarlane 2023, Eaglemoss 2008, DC Direct 2007, Heroclix 2021, and Heroclix 2010 (There are more Heroclix of Donna in this outfit, but these are the two I was able to find easily in my stash).


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