Wednesday, April 19, 2023

POP Funko - SHE-RA (GOLD)!

POP! Retro Toys: MOTU #38 - She-Ra (Gold WonderCon Exc) - Funko 2022

I'm not usually a sucker for metallic repaints. I tend to like bright saturated colors that mimic animation or comics, and metallics often dull that vibrancy. However, I've found it interesting that when it comes to She-Ra, I definitely prefer her "metal" pieces to be painted metallic gold rather than a literal translation of the orangey-mustard color from the screen. This recent repaint of the POP! Retro Toys She-Ra is a perfect example. The original release from 2021 had cartoon-accurate mango-orange armor, but in execution the color just blended in too much with the yellow of her hair and the light tone of her skin. But this WonderCon 2022 exclusive repaint looks so much better. The intended contrast and weight of the armor is there and is very impressive. This Pop came with the expensive LoungeFly/Funko exclusive She-Ra backpack. The bag is very cool and high quality. I was hesitant to make such a large purchase (I got her slightly cheaper on eBay) but I think it was worth it. Let's check out She-Ra below!

Here is the Pop & Bag promotional image. The details of her costume are represented on the overall bag construction in a quirky way that is impressive. In person it is very cool.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the WonderCon She-Ra with her Specialty Series GITD Version from 2021.

And here are the two Loungefly Convention exclusive MOTU ladies from 2022: Temple of Darkness Diamond Sorceress (LA Comic Con 2022) and Gold She-Ra (WonderCon 2022).


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