Thursday, April 20, 2023

POP! Masters of the Universe - SORCERESS (TOD)!

POP! Television #993 - MOTU - Sorceress (Diamond LACC Exc) - Funko 2022

The Masters of the Universe collecting community seems to love character variations. Excluding more modern iterations, the vintage characters alone typically have three potential design options: toy design, animation designs, and mini-comics design. The mini-comics always appealed to me the least of the trifecta. I can't help but think that printing limitations played more of a factor than true artistic intent. But it makes for some fun variants. Teela in pink armor doesn't appeal to me at all - it seems to clash with the palette of Eternia (perhaps if she visited Etheria I would be more accepting). However, the 1984 mini-comic The Temple of Darkness featured an all-white Sorceress that I really liked. The toy interpretation of  translucent plumage just adds to the appeal (in one panel of the intro comic, she appears as a translucent vision). This glittery white ("Diamond") Sorceress Pop was exclusive to the Los Angeles ComicCon in 2022 with the LoungeFly backpack bundle. Let's check her out below!

Here is the Pop & Bag promotional image. The details of Castle Grayskull on the bag are fun and very well done. The bag also pairs well with the She-Ra bag released at WonderCon 2022.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Temple of Darkness Sorceress with her Standard Version from 2020.

And here are the two Loungefly Convention exclusive MOTU ladies from 2022: Temple of Darkness Diamond Sorceress (LA Comic Con 2022) and Gold She-Ra (WonderCon 2022).

And here are all my Temple of Darkness Sorceress figures together. 
From Left to Right: ReAction, MOTU Classics, Funko Pop, MOTU Origins, and MegaConstrux.


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